Why My Mozilla Firefox Not Responding/Working?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best internet browsers of many computer users. The reason for this is that Firefox is one of the fastest and safest web browsers out there, mainly. Although most computer users have been loyal to Google Chrome and other open source options, many Mozilla Firefox has offered them the benefits offered by it to try it. You can read in this article how to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding windows 10.

Why is Firefox Not Responding

It is true that Mozilla Firefox also experiences a number of issues and issues like any other Internet browser. For example, Firefox often runs at a slower pace and can not answer even after a number of clicks. The good news is that you will easily be able to solve most of the common Firefox issues easily.

Fix Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best popular internet browsers for many users. It is due to its speed of access and the safety system that it is very demanding. But it is also true that like other internet browsers Mozilla Firefox is also in a lot of troubles. Many users who use ‘Mozilla Firefox‘ complain that when they are trying to get ‘Mozilla Firefox‘ on an ‘error messageMozilla Firefox does not appear on their display. ‘Mozilla Firefox’ appears on their display But the good news is that, if you read this article from top to bottom, you can easily fix Mozilla Firefox not responding.

Step to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding windows 10

Method 1: Force Close Restart And Then Update

Force shutdown restart and then this type of problem happens on a temporary path to fix your machine, your problem is forcibly to restart your Windows and restart your machine.

  • Once Firefox disabled, you can not close it by clicking the icon to close it.
  • But, if you press Ctrl + Shift + Esc after that go to the Processes tab then select Firefox and then click on the End task button.
  • After closing unresponsive applications, restart your machine.
  • Now in the next setup, click on the menu icon to open Firefox again and that shown in the top right corner.
  • From there go to help and after that, on Tap Firefox, sometimes wait until Firefox shows its latest version.
  • A new Firefox version is available for your operating system, then clicks on the restart button and installs it, wait until this process completes.
  • Check whether the problem fixed or not. If not, then scroll down and look at the problem-solving process below.

Method 2: Check For The Right Access Required

In such a case, you need to make changes in some settings. Fortunately, you can change these settings by yourself to configure the appropriate permissions. Here is a list below:

  • First of all, if you need to open the run box, then in the order section type ‘% APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \’ in the search section. After that, press Enter.
  • Now, just go to the profile page and click on it and choose the properties from there.
  • But to go to normal properties and make sure that the dialog box near the read-only box remains unchecked. Then hit the Apply button.
  • In case you find that the read-only box was checked and you need to reboot your machine to modify it. On the next startup, using Firefox again identifies, if the problem is not resolved or is started.

Method 3: Clear the cache on Firefox Browser

Another popular way to fix your problem is to allow cache memory. Many users have seen that after applying this, they can detect a lot of potential criminals that may be due to these problems. You can not fix Mozilla Firefox not responding windows 10 so you can contact our support team.