Ways to Connect hp printer to WiFi

Hp wireless printer allows you to print the documents without any physical connectivity of printer and pc. HP Wifi direct help the printer to take the command without a local network connection. When you active Hp wireless direct to the hp printer, then you can give print command from any location support with the same wifi. If you are new and don’t know how to connect hp printer to wifi? Then you can take the help of an experienced hp printer support technician. The technician is available 24/7 to help the customers.

Steps to Connect Hp Printer To Wifi directly:

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In order to connect HP printer with Wi-Fi direct, you need to install printer drivers on your computer system. For the installation of the new driver, you can install and create the setup of wireless connection by using the HP wireless direct connection, in place of connecting your printer to a wireless router.  You can do that in two ways and we are going to discuss them both in a very proficient manner.

Install the HP Printer Driver from CD:

Follow the instructions given below to install the hp printer driver from CD that comes with the printer. But first, you need to set up a computer with a printer’s hp wireless direct signal.

  1. Open the control panel of the printer and press on hp wireless direct. Go to the network setup.
  2. Switch on the connection
  3. Select “On with the security” and copy the password or write down on the paper.
  4. Click on the “Wireless” icon from the tray on the laptop. Select the hp printer by identifying the name.
  5. When it asked for a password, enter the password that you write down on paper.
  6. Now, insert the CD into the computer and after that wait for the installation to begin.
  7. If prompted then choose the wireless connection option. Choose the name of your printer to finish the driver installation.
  8. Reconnect your computer with normal wireless network when the installation completes.

Steps to Install Printer Driver from Website

  1. Turn on your HP printer.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer’s end, if it is connected. If software installation will ask you to connect the cable if it is needed.
  3. Now, open the HP printer driver download site and go to the driver and software downloads.
  4. Select your printer model number and then tap on submit.
  5. An opened page for your printer shows you the default OS selected.
  6. If you need to modify the operating system, then tap change, choose your version and then tap Change.
  7. From the driver heading, tap on the Download for downloading the full software package.
  8. Save the printer software on your system where you can easily access it.
  9. From the printer control panel, you need to touch the HP wireless direct icon or see the network setup.
  10. You can also look for wireless settings menu and touch the wireless direct and then turn the connection on.
  11. On your computer tap on the wireless icon and then choose the HP print (printer’s name).
  12. If asked then you need to enter the security password from the printer control panel.
  13. Now, open or run the HP file that you have downloaded and then wait for the installation to begin.
  14. When it is asked, choose the wireless connection option and then choose the name of your printer to finish the installation of the driver.
  15. Once the installation is done, then you need to reconnect the computer to your wireless network.

Note: If you have followed all the steps and currently unable to connect hp printer to wifi then call hp printer professionals. This will help you to set up or connect hp printer with wifi.