Recovering Hacked AOL Email Account

One of the importance of keeping an AOL Mail account is to first ensure that your AOL mail is safe. One should never overlook their AOL email account security and do get it updated every time when you feel something is mishappening to their account. You should always have a look at the warning signs if your account is giving. And try to secure it as early as possible.

If you think that someone is trying to get access your AOL mail account without your information. Or trying to take over your account, there are few measures you should take to prevent your AOL email account to get hacked. You will get some signs that if your AOL mail account gets hacked. Just look as some symptoms you may recognize that you can relate with your same problem which you may be facing:

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  1. You will not receive any of the mail to your respective AOL mail account.
  2. AOL mail is sending spam to your contacts.
  3. You won’t be able to sign in to your AOL email account even you might be seen offline.
  4. You will see logins to your AOL mail account from different unexpected locations on your recent activity page.
  5. Account information or some mail settings were changed without your knowledge.
  6. Your mail is fully occupied with the unknown inboxes which you haven’t send.
  7. Address book contacts have been erased or there will be new contacts which you didn’t add.

Hackers may disrupt the inbox of your AOL email account and may change the settings in your AOL mail account. They do so to get the information about what that person is doing and to get copies of your mails. So just access your mail settings and make sure that none of your information or preferences were changed without your knowledge. You should have a look on the following things which are also included with your AOL mail account, such as:

Recover Hacked AOL Account

  1. Check on your email filters. If there are any changes in the preferences then be alert.
  2. Do check out that the display name on your AOL email account is of yours.
  3. Also, check for the email signatures if you have put any.
  4. Also, check on the blocked addresses.
  5. Most importantly do check for the emails you have sent that are check all the sent mails.

These were the only diagnosis of whether your AOL email account has been hacked by an unknown source. So, once you started facing these symptoms so get alerted that time itself. And there are certain things which you should keep in your mind if you think that your AOL Mail account has been hacked or compromised. Hopefully, these steps help the one who is facing these problems in their respective AOL mail account. Following are the steps listed below to secure your AOL mail account as soon as possible:

Secure your Hacked AOL Email Account:

  1. Immediately change your password so that no one could get access to the account.
  2. Revert your AOL mail settings if any of them are changed.
  3. Please ensure that you have installed any of the antivirus software and updated everything.
  4. Also, check whether recovery options are up to date. Do make sure of this step.
  5. Always consider enabling the two-step verification to add more security to your AOL email account.

So, if you come across any of the suspicious activity on your AOL mail account, then there are a lot of chances that someone might have hacked your AOL Mail account. So, no need to stress at all. Just you need to do is to retrieve your account as well as make it more secure so that it can’t be hacked for another time. Just be more secure.

Take a glance at the following steps:

  1. Go to your account recovery options.
  2. Just enter your password. And if you can’t remember your password then try for the next questions.
  3. Use your recovery mail or phone numbers.
  4. Your AOL mail will send a code to that recovery mail or phone.
  5. Once you receive the one-time code, the screen will open where you have to type that code. Enter the code correctly. You will get access to your account.
  6. Otherwise, you can also answer your security questions that you have already set up at the time of setting up that AOL email account.
  7. After you sign in to your account, your mail will direct you to confirm whether it was you. This process is just for safety reasons so that if any unauthorized person wants to access your AOL mail account, you will get the notifications.
  8. Always make sure to look up your AOL email account frequently and also change your security information.