Have You Forgot Belkin Router Password? Reset It

If you have  Forgot Belkin Router Password So this blog can be beneficial for you if you read this blog properly and till the end. First of all, I would like to tell you that Password is The Key of any device or Account in which you keep your Personal and important information to secure it from other. And here you can protect Belkin Wireless Router and also personal information by setting the device password. But if you don’t know the password, you should reset the password. If you do not know how to reset Belkin password, here we will tell you by the blog. You also will get to know how to change Belkin router password by following given ways.

How to Change Belkin Router Password

Have You Forgot Belkin Router Password? Reset It
Have You Forgot Belkin Router Password? Reset It

If your Password is not strong you can change it and you must change it because when someone knows your week password he can misuse your device.

Step 1. Go to the Chrome browser type in the search box then to access Tab EnterButton.

Steps 2. Type your password in the given password box and click on the submit button to log in your device account. For doing this you must know your password otherwise you will fail. If you haven’t set your password then you should leave that black.

Step 3. Got to wireless and click on the Security then you will see your password.

Step 4. There PSK(Pre-shared Key) is your current password. If you did not set it, leave it. You should go to the new password box and enter the new password over there that will become your current password then click on the Apply Change button.

Step 5. After Applying the Change button you will successfully be done it.

How to Reset Belkin Router Password

If you want to Reset Belkin Password in Easy steps, Must follow the given steps.

This is the best way to reset the Belkin router will be hard reset.

Step 1.  Please turn on the Belking Wireless modem ahead find out the reset button which is on the back of Belking Wireless Router. Hold the reset key behind your Belkin router and let it go for 25-30 seconds.

 Step 2.  When you will press the reset button the device will automatically reboot when it resets.

Step 3.  You can set up the Belkin router while also setup Belkin Router administrator password and Belkin Wireless password.

I feel that all the steps given above are useful to you to get a solution for how to reset Belkin router password for you forgot Belkin router password. And you have got the easy way to read steps for Belkin router change password. If your still suffering from any problems related to Belkin can contact our expert through Belkin Wireless Router customer care.H