Computer is Unable to Find Wireless Printer?

Computer Unable to Find Wireless Printer?

In most cases, the printer will not be disconnected on the basis of remote printing in certain cases. There are some components which may be due to the cut position of the printing machine. In some cases, the antivirus program does not distinguish the gadget and it is not allowed to create a union. The situation is with the same firewall and you can read this article computer can’t find wireless printer. If the framework program is not correct with the working structure then the application of the printer can be removed.

Computer is Unable to Find Wireless Printer?
The computer is Unable to Find Wireless Printer?

Fix Computer Can’t Find Wireless Printer

Step to step solution for printer not connected windows 10

Step1: Restart Everything

The first thing is that as I have been a wireless printer, I realized that it is completely in the wave of the wireless router. Your router issues, which they are doing all the time, then your printer will not work anymore. It is true, even if you are able to connect to the Internet with a computer that connected to wireless.

So the first thing you should do is turn off your computer and turn the printer off. Go ahead and unplug it and wait 30 seconds after that and then restart it wirelessly from the plug-in router. Then switch to your computer and then switch to the printer. Try to connect everything and then print again.

Step2: Check Wireless Connectivity

Secondly, just make sure you do so that the printer still connected to the wireless network. Once you have a printer for a long time, you forget that it depends on the wireless network. You may have to make a change in your wireless router (password, mode, SSID, etc.) and suddenly all of your printers are no longer connected.

Printer Not Connected windows 10

The main thing to do this is to print the network configuration sheet directly off the printer. Generally, there is a menu option or a menu option that lets you print the current network status. This will tell you if the computer can’t find wireless printer. You can see an IP address like 189.294.x.x, which means your printer not properly connected to the network.

No IP address found

In this case, you will have to either manually re-added or cables on the printer itself connect it to your computer and then reconnect it to the configured wireless network. Sign Printer will also allow you to run the software and connect the printer to the wireless network without connecting the printer to the computer through the cable. It basically creates an ad hoc wireless network between the printer and the computer, which does not require a wireless router.

Step3: Anti-virus/Firewall Programs

Did you recently install any software on your computers like an anti-virus program or any kind of internet security suite or additional firewall? A lot of programs such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee or Comodo Firewall can block your connection to your printer from a lot of programs. Try to disable any anti-virus or security software and check to see if that would solve computer can’t find wireless printer.

Besides, if you install any other software like Virtualization programs, it’s best to uninstall them and try again. Uninstall only a few if you recently installed it and started watching this problem.

Step4: Reconfigure Printer

I have mentioned it in a way, but it is worth going again. If you have replaced some old router or have changed some settings on your router, you may have to re-configure the printer in order to make wireless printing work and your printer not connected windows 10 to read step to step.

  • Wireless password or wireless security protocol (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
  • SSID (network name) of your wireless router
  • Activating any type of filtering like MAC address filtering or AP isolation

In these cases, the computer can’t find wireless printer. You will need to make changes to the settings on the printer and reconnect after it to match the router.